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Godzilla Vs. Kong Director Reveals How The Winner Was Chosen

In the run up to the release of Godzilla vs. Kong, the main topic of conversation was which of the two alpha Titans would ultimately emerge victorious. Unusually for Western ‘vs’ movies a definitive winner was depicted, and director Adam Wingard has addressed the circumstances of the selection being made.

In a Reddit AMA, Wingard was asked how consistent was the choice to depict Godzilla as the overall victor, and replied that in every draft of the script this remained the same, it never being something that was ever consisted for alteration. He was also asked who actually made the decision, whether it was what he planned to do or if it was a mandate handed down by the studio, and revealed that while the result put to screen was the one he originally envisioned, right from the start of production Legendary agreed with him, so it was one aspect of the script he didn’t have to fight them on.

Of course, it was inevitable that not everyone watching the film agreed with the result and would have preferred Kong to lift the gold, which likely lead to the pair’s team up against Mechagodzilla, who Godzilla struggled against but Kong had far less of an issue taking on when he joined the fray, as well as being the one to strike the killing blow. As Wingard succinctly put it during the session, “Godzilla won the fight; Kong won the movie.”

While Godzilla might outmatch Kong in raw power, the ape lord is demonstrated to be a more skilled fighter. While the main issue of Godzilla vs. Kong has been decidedly addressed in favor of the former, it does so in such a way that doesn’t diminish the standing of either Titan, allowing both to emerge with their dignity and respect intact.

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