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Ghostface Voice Now Available on TikTok’s Text-to-Speech

Are you a fan of Scream and looking to spice up your TikToks? TikTok users now have the ability to use the voice of the terrifying killer from the Scream franchise right on their phones.

Paramount Pictures and TikTok have teamed up to celebrate the trailer release of the newest Scream by creating a special text-to-speech feature using the horrifically creepy voice of Ghostface. Now, you can work Ghostface into your comedic bits or new dance videos. Users can access this new addition by simply recording a video, typing out the text, tapping the text, and selecting the “Scream Voice” option. Voila! Now, you too, can join the ranks of the greats that have experienced haunting calls from the sadistic killer.

To promote the new feature, TikTok brought in original Scream cast members David Arquette and Drew Barrymore. In Barrymore’s TikTok, we see her answer a ringing phone to hear the voice of Ghostface saying “Hello Drew Barrymore. It’s not the 90s anymore, put the landline away. I’m in your TikTok”. A shocked Barrymore quickly picks up her iPhone and tells the voice that she’s dating a football player who’s “really big” and is going to make a TikTok to beat up Ghostface’s TikTok. Unfortunately for Barrymore, Ghostface has been tuning in to her daytime TV show and knows that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. After a quick, funny plug for her show (kudos for doing this while also doing a plug for TikTok and Scream), Ghostface asks if David Arquette is on TikTok and leaves Barrymore alone.

Skeet Ulrich, Neve Campbell, Matthew Lillard, Rose McGowan and Jamie Kennedy in Scream

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Arquette’s video opens with him asking the users of TikTok if they like scary movies before we hear Ghostface interrupt and ask the actor, “Who do you think you are? I ask the questions around here.” A confused Arquette begins to touch his phone in hopes of finding the disembodied voice just before the question gets turned around on him with Ghostface saying, “I hope you like scary movies. You’re in one” before the TikTok cuts off.

Along with the new Ghostface text-to-speech feature, TikTok is rolling out a few other Halloween treats including effects such as ecto pumpkin, spooky eyes, paranormal cam, and cursed TikTok, just to name a few. Users also have access to all kinds of live Halloween programming at their fingertips from quick tutorials on how to make Halloween candy to watching a showcase of the Haunted Mansion ride at Disney given by the Disney Parks TikTok team members themselves.

No matter how you want to celebrate the spooky season, TikTok has all kinds of ways to make sure you get the most out of your experience. Check out David Arquette and Drew Barrymore’s videos below and see what you can create with the Ghostface text-to-speech function now on TikTok.

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