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‘Ghostbusters’ Star Unmasked on ‘The Masked Singer’ – Billboard

It was “Fright Night” on Fox’s The Masked Singer, and two icons gave its judges the fright of their lives.

Season 8, episode 9 featured another two reveals.

In a real shocker, the Scarecrow volunteered to unmask and let the other rivals progress.

Under the helmet was Linda Blair, the Oscar-nominated, head-turning, projectile-vomiting child star of The Exorcist. “My mind is blow right now,” commented judge Jenny McCarthy. “I’ve never been so shocked i this series as I am right now.”

Judging by the faces of the audience and her fellow panelists, she wasn’t the only one.



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See latest videos, charts and news

Soon after, Sir Bugaboo was unmasked after a battle royale with Snowstorm, which saw both contestants take turns singing Rockwell’s “Somebody Watching Me.”

Beneath the mask was the original Ghostbuster, Ray Parker, Jr., whose theme song for the classic ‘80s comedy-horror logged three weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and won a Grammy Award (for best pop instrumental performance).

“What an honor to have you on the show, man,” commented judge Robin Thicke.

“It’s good to be here. I’ve had too much fun,” was his response.

When asked if wanted to share a thought with the audience, Parker’s message was clear: if you need an extra celebrity on the show, who you gonna call?

Blair and Parker join the likes of George Foreman (Venus Flytrap), George Clinton (Gopher), Daymond John (Fortune Teller), the “Brady boys” Mike Lookinland, Barry Williams and Christopher Knight (Mummies), Montell Jordan (Panther), Jeff Dunham (Pi-Rat), Chris Kirkpatrick (Hummingbird), Eric Idle (Hedgehog) and William Shatner (Knight) as contestants revealed so far in the 2022 series.

TMS season 8 introduces several changes to its format.

For the first time, each episode features a completely new round of masked celebs with only one contestant moving forward by the end of the hour. Plus, the audience votes in-studio for their favorite performance of the night, and the singer with the lowest tally will then unmask in the middle of the show before taking his or her place in the new Masked Singer VIP section to watch the rest of the episode.

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