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Get Your Horror Metal Fix With VHS “Immortality Comes With a Price” (Feat. Dave Ingram of Benediction)

Horror, humor and metal – what more can you really want? VHS is back with more of their signature death ‘n’ roll, old school horror inspired, blood soaked antics with new track “Immortality Comes With a Price” (Feat. Dave Ingram of Benediction) off their upcoming album due out December 3rd via Wise Blood Records – with the “something” in cheek title I Heard They Suck…Blood. Ba dum tiss!

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Vocalist/guitarist Mike Hochins comments: “It’s not hard to see that our album cover is very inspired by the movie Near Dark. “Immortality Comes With A Price” is our ode to that underrated vampire gem. Gritty, dark and full of a cast of familiar ’80s faces, it’s exactly the type of movie we wanted to focus on with the new album.

Once again Dave Ingram has brought his unmistakable roar to one of our songs! This is the second time we have had him one of our songs and he sounds even more barbarous this time around!

The song itself asks the question… may want to live forever but are you willing to hunt and feed to make that happen?”

VHS teamed up with Dave Ingram (Benediction) for this homage to campy horror and old school riffs. Previously, the band had featured Trevor Strnad (Black Dahlia Murder). If you like a little vampire with your metal, VHS is a definitely must listen.

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