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GAMEDEC Gets Closer To September 16 Launch Date — GeekTyrant

Anshar Studios with help from Evolve has announced Gamedec is still on track for it’s September 16 launch date. In Gamedec you will play as a game detective who solves crimes in a variety of virtual worlds. These range from farming games to cyberpunk games as you go from various worlds to solve murders and conspiracies specific to each kind of game.

Each decision you make in game will not only affect outcomes, but will affect what kind of choices you can make later. For example, your relationships with different NPCs will provide new dialogue options, which isn’t particularly new for this genre of game, but other decisions like the background of your character will also influence the narrative of the entire game for you, even the skills and traits you develop seem to have an impact.

I’ve compiled all the different trailers for this game so you can check it out and see what you think, I think it looks pretty cool and it seems like it has a pretty high replay value.

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