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Gal Gadot Launches New Line of Healthier Mac and Cheese, GOODLES — GeekTyrant

Gal Gadot and husband Jaron Varsano announced the release of GOODLES, a mac and cheese brand that is as easy as traditional boxed pasta but is nutrient-rich and protein-packed. Starting at $20 for a 4 pack you can choose between 4 different flavors: Cheddy Mac, Mover & Shaker, Shella Good, and Twist My Parm. 

As a child Gadot loved mac n cheese so much that when her aunt and uncle from America would visit her in Israel they would bring her a huge bag full of boxes of the cheesy treat. But now that she has three girls of her own, Gadot wanted something that tasted just as good but is healthier for them. So investing in and helping GOODLES get off the ground was a no brainer as each serving packs 6g of fiber and 14g of protein.

“I don’t like to get frustrated, I like to take action,” Gadot states of helping start the company. “It is not just that we wanted to invest in this company, we are true partners and cofounders and doing everything that it takes to produce a product that tastes like the mac and cheese you know and love but it is good for you.”

I love this idea and would love to try it as I too really like a good bowl of mac n cheese but rarely take the time to make it from scratch. You can check it all out on the GOODLES site now and if you try it let me know how it is.

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