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Flux Images Reveal New Companion Dan and Lots of Guest Stars

The BBC is sparing no expense for Jodie Whittaker’s final season of Doctor Who, and the thirteenth season’s promotional images make that very clear. The network released a host of new images to promote the upcoming season — subtitled Doctor Who: Flux — proving that no matter where the Doctor goes (or when, for that matter), she always manages to land herself smack in the middle of trouble.

The seven new images, posted by the official Doctor Who Twitter, show off the Doctor, Yaz (Mandip Gill), and new companion Dan Lewis (John Bishop) in quite a bit of trouble, struggling with the TARDIS console, peeking around corners, and being held up in the rain, presumably at gunpoint — or blaster point. The network also released four new images of the series’ upcoming guest stars, including Sara Powell in a colorful Victorian walking costume, Kevin McNally in a rather dapper suit, and Thaddea Graham in the midst of dark sci-fi metalscape.


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Doctor Who also released a look at Bishop’s brand new companion, Dan Lewis, in an exclusive clip from the season’s premiere, “The Halloween Apocalypse.” Before he even meets the Doctor, Dan is already putting up with heaps of trouble, dealing with errant adults attempting to mooch off the generosity of homeowners giving out treats to children as a part of the Halloween festivities. And if that’s causing him problems, God only knows how he’ll act when he meets the Doctor.

Also joining Whittaker in her final season in the TARDIS are Robert Bathurst, Blake Harrison, Craig Parkinson, Annabel Scholey, Gerald Hyd, and Penelope Ann McGhie, among others. Other new images reveal that the actress will battle Sontarans, Weeping Angels, Cybermen, and the Ood during her last adventures as the Doctor, along with a number of new creatures, including a Chewbacca-looking monster named Karvanista.

Doctor Who: Flux will be Whittaker’s last as the Doctor, as she departs the series alongside showrunner Chris Chibnall. The two hand the baton — or sonic screwdriver, rather — back to veteran showrunner Russell T. Davies, the creator responsible for reviving Doctor Who and returning the series to its place as a worldwide phenomenon. How Chibnall and Whittaker will go out is anyone’s guess, but with this many new guests on her hands, it’ll sure be a doozy for the Doctor.

Doctor Who: Flux premieres on BBC America on October 31. Check out the new images and clip below:






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