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First Persuasion Images Show Dakota Johnson, Henry Golding in Netflix Adaptation

‘Persuasion’ comes to Netflix next year.


Our latest and necessary Jane Austen adaptation Persuasion has released new photos of stars, Dakota Johnson, Henry Golding, and Cosmo Jarvis in stunning period costumes. The new film from Carrie Cracknell is the director’s first feature film, as she is best known for her work in theater including Sea Wall/A Life with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Austen’s last novel before she died, Persuasion follows our heroine Anne Elliott, an unmarried woman on the “older” side (she is 27), who reconnects with an old lover after she was persuaded by friends and family to end their engagement. Meeting again after seven years apart, they both get their second chance at love. Johnson stars as Anne and Jarvis stars as her estranged lover, with Golding actually portraying Anne’s cousin instead of appearing as the love interest. They are joined by Richard E. Grant and Suki Waterhouse in two supporting roles.


Image via Netflix

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The new photos highlight the stunning costumes of Persuasion, which certainly work to all three actors’ strengths. Not to say that Golding doesn’t look dashing, but it’s clear why Jarvis was chosen as the romantic lead. Johnson also looks particularly stunning in her period dress, only solidifying the fact that she can really turn looks in any decade.

Netflix’s Persuasion is actually not the only adaptation of the novel currently in development. BBC Films also has their own competing film now in pre-production, starring Succession’s Sarah Snook as Anne Elliott. This version will be directed by Mahalia Belo, who is also making her directorial debut after a series of successful shorts.

Although Austen adaptations have never gone out of style, we’re certainly living in a renaissance period of her work. These more modern adaptations keep the story we know and love (as well as the stunning set and costume design), but update the themes and tone to appeal to millennial audiences already familiar with the books. Autumn de Wilde’s adaptation of Emma. last year perfectly encapsulated this mood, and it seems like Cracknell’s film will attempt to do the same given our first look at the movie.

Persuasion will debut on Netflix in 2022. Check out the first photos below.

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