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FIRE TONIGHT Is an Extremely Short Yet Pleasant Experience — GeekTyrant

Fire Tonight is set in 1990, and I love the overall aesthetic of this game. The art direction is fantastic, and the music is pretty spot-on. They could turn this into a web series and I’d very much enjoy it. The gameplay is fun and the controls make sense. None of the puzzles were very difficult, but they are engaging. It’s also nice that Maya and Devin have different types of gameplay as Maya is on an overworld while Devin is more of a point-and-click adventure. The story told is one that I think a lot of people can relate to even if we don’t live in a burning city. Maya and Devin are well-written and do react like average people (although Maya would probably be more scared of getting burned by the fire).

The crazy thing about Fire Tonight is that it is really short. I think it took me about 30-45 minutes to play through. That being said, it is a complete story that had me feeling satisfied in the end. The low price is definitely a point in its favor. It’s at a point where it can definitely be worth it to help support a small indie developer. However, it’s high enough that for 30 minutes, it can feel a bit much. If you’re interested in a very short gaming experience with some light puzzles and a fun ‘90s aesthetic, Fire Tonight is a great choice.

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