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Finally, Headphones Made Just for Metalheads

No longer do you need to choose between crappy ear buds that don’t fit and expensive gear that breaks the bank to enjoy your favorite music in high fidelity: Heavys has arrived to rescue all of us audio-loving metalheads from a market that has paid us little attention.

Engineered by industry veteran Axel Grell (ex-Sennheiser), Heavys headphones have four drivers in each ear compared to the lone driver most sets have. That allows each driver to focus on different frequencies so they’re not all competing for the same limited sonic space. Heavys feature unique speaker location with tweeters situated in front instead of to the side, recreating sound the way human ears are meant to take it in. What’s more, Heavys boast technology that allow listeners to feel like the music is louder without actually adding any additional pressure to the ear drum, protecting your ears. And, in the interest of portability and audio quality alike, every set of Heavys features both a wired and wireless mode.

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With a few prototype and trial runs and a whole lot of experimenting and fine-tuning out of the way, Heavys will soon be ready to come to market. You can get in on the action at Kickstarter with special discounted pricing for those who join early.

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