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Feed The Family With TACO BELL PARTY PACK CARD GAME — GeekTyrant

The art direction is perfect. It comes in a box that heavily mimics the actual Party Pack at Taco Bell. The drawings of the characters are fun and silly, which is great for the game’s tone. Also, all the food on cards are cartoons…but it doesn’t make me want to get Taco Bell any less. I do wish there were a bit fewer repeats of crew members to feed, but it is a minor complaint.

I do wish the game had less writing so that it could be easier to play with younger kids. Possible better symbology could help with that. But overall, this is a fun game to grab and play with your friends or family if you got 20 minutes or so to kill. Are there better family games than this? Sure. However, if you like Taco Bell a fair amount and want some more casual games, then this might be the right thing to try out.

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