Father/Daughter Grind Duo ANIMAL SCHOOLBUS Release “I Can Do One-Handed Cartwheels” Music Video

Our favorite new father/daughter grindcore duo, Animal Schoolbus, is back with a fun new music video for their latest single  “I Can Do One-Handed Cartwheels.”

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Their full-length album, Going to Grammy’s House 2021 is out  April 30 via Lawnmowerjetpack Records. Pre-order it here. Here is the track listing.

  1. “Favorite Flavor Green”
  2. “Mommy’s Car Is Blue”
  3. “Stuck In A Tree”
  4. “I’m A Bear”
  5. “Oreos My Favorite”
  6. “Teddy Bear Picnic”
  7. “Did A Good Job”
  8. “My Dirty Feet”
  9. “Fruit Snacks”
  10. “GG Says No No No”
  11. “A New Backpack”
  12. “My Dog Got Fat”
  13. “September Is My Birthday”
  14. “Outro”
  15. “Everyone Had Mullets In The 80s”
  16. “I Can Do One-Handed Cartwheels”
  17. “I Bet Taylor Swift Never Has To Clean Her Room”
  18. “Favorite Flavor Green” – Live at Rise & Grind Fest 2019
  19. “September Is My Birthday” – Live at Rise & Grind Fest 2019
  20. “I’m A Bear” – Live at Rise & Grind Fest 2019
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