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Explore More of the Underdark in the Unofficial D&D Supplement THE SHADOWED HOLLOWS GAZETTEER — GeekTyrant

Fans love the Underdark setting for their Dungeons & Dragons campaigns and adventures. Now, you can explore an unofficial area called the Shadowed Hollows thanks to the Into the Underdark – The Shadowed Hollows Gazetteer from Goblin Scrawl Games and PJ Pirrello.

Inside this gazetteer, you’ll find information about various factions in the area, the city of Naakrasad and its inhabitants, 7 custom maps, 3 quests for level 4-6 characters, and all necessary monster stat blocks to run said adventures. If you’re wanting to dive deep into the Underdark, this looks like a great tool to have to help build your campaign.

You can purchase The Shadowed Hollows Gazetteer from DMs Guild (affiliate link) for $4.95.

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