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Explore A New Arena In APEX LEGENDS Dark Depths Event — GeekTyrant

EA announced a new event for Apex Legends, Dark Depths, that will start January 11 and run through February 1. Dark Depths will feature a new Arenas map, themed cosmetics, as well as various Flash Events. The new Habitat arena sounds like it should be a lot of fun for players to explore and find all the best places to surprise and dispatch their enemies.

One of the smallest islands in the New Antillia archipelago, Habitat 4 is best known as a Leviathan breeding ground after Early IMC research groups were surprised to find that a large population of local Leviathans gravitated toward the island, designating the island as an ethology base to study creatures’ behavior. Filled with exciting terrain that has eroded and transformed over time, Habitat 4 features a large waterfall, along with the Cave and the Nest which rest on higher ground on opposing sides of the island. The new map allows for slides and quick getaways, giving Legends the opportunity to support their team quickly when divided or outnumbered.

Flash event will help players unlock new items including Apex Packs, holosprays, and skins. Speaking of skins, new themed cosmetics will turn legends into terrors of the deep. These include legendary skins for Ash, Horizon, Lifeline and Fuse. Players can also get the limited-time Dark Depths Packs for 400 Apex Coins. This will unlock cosmetics, weapon charms, trackers and more while guaranteeing the unlocking of one non-duplicate Dark Depths Thematic Event item and can also be crafted with crafting metals. Looks like a pretty fun event and maybe worth dusting off the game for if you haven’t played in a while. You can check out the trailer for it below and find more information in the official blog post

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