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Enjoy This Great Side-By-Side Comparison of Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ With Weird Al Yankovic’s ‘Eat It’ — GeekTyrant

Here’s a little something that might hit those nostalgic nerves of yours. The YouTube channel Cleveland Rock has created a side-by-side comparison video featuring the music videos for the Michael Jackson’s classic song “Beat It” and the “Weird Al” Yankovic’s classic parody “Eat It”.

It’s pretty crazy to see because Weird Al actually remained pretty damn faithful to the original music video. The video came with the following note:

A lot more attention to detail goes into Weird Al’s parodies than you might realize. Here he is side-by-side with Michael Jackson to prove it.

I also included a second video that compares Jackson’s “Bad” with Weird Al’s “Fat”. Enjoy the videos!

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