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Enjoy Free Shipping from Premium Bandai for a Limited Time, Awesome New GUNDAM Figures, and More — GeekTyrant

Premium Bandai is celebrating Black Friday and Cyber Monday this month by offering customers moire opportunities for free shipping on their items. From now through 3 AM EST on November 30, you can get a limited coupon that gives you free shipping on one purchase by going to their website (affiliate link) and following the prompts. In addition, from 3AM on November 26 until 3 AM on November 30, all orders of $100+ before tax will qualify for free shipping.

In addition, the team recently unveiled a couple of new Gundam Wing figures that I wish I could get. There’s the GUNDAM FIX FIGURATION METAL COMPOSITE WING GUNDAM EW Early Color ver. (affiliate link) which is a redesign and re-color of the classic Wing Gundam. It looks absolutely gorgeous! It comes with a display stage set, various joints, a beam saber, a buster rifle, and more. It stands at approximately 7.1” and can even transform into its neo-bird mode! If you prefer Zechs though, there’s also the new Metal Robot Spirits Gundam Epyon figure (affiliate link). Once again, this is absolutely stunning and I wish I could have it. It also comes with a display stage, several accessories, and can transform into its dragon mode. Epyon does only stand at 5.5” though.

Both of these look amazing and would be amazing gifts for any fan of Gundam Wing. Of course, there’s tons of other things to enjoy as well such as a Digimon Tamers playmat and card set (affiliate link) or the Tamer’s Set EX (affiliate link) for Digimon Card Game among many other products. Please remember that unless stated, all items are pre-orders only.

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