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Elizabeth Banks to Direct & Star in Peacock’s Fantasy Drama

Red Queen: Elizabeth Banks to Direct & Star in Peacock's Fantasy Drama

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According to Deadline, Peacock is currently in the process of developing a series adaptation of author Victoria Aveyard’s YA fantasy novels titled Red Queen, with Emmy nominee Elizabeth Banks (Pitch Perfect films) attached to direct the potential series. It will be set in an alternate historical timeline, where America is no longer governed by democracy and is now under the rule of super-powered royals. In addition to helming the project, Banks is also expected to portray a major supporting role and will be serving as an executive producer along with producing partner and husband Max Handelman through their Brownstone Productions banner.

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Red Queen is set in an alternate near-future America where democracy is replaced by a monarchy led by a group of humans with superpowers who rule with an iron fist over those without powers. The divided society features two types of groups, those who aren’t born with powers are called Reds, while the special people born with powers are called Silvers.

The series centers around Mare, a fiery young woman born to poverty without powers, who is doing the best she can to survive and protect her family when she discovers the unthinkable: She somehow has powers too! This shocking discovery turns our world upside down and catapults our unlikely hero to become the face of a revolution for the oppressed while searching for the truth behind the greatest mystery of all…how she became so powerful in the first place.

The novel, which you can purchase here, was first published in 2015. Due to its success, it was then followed up by three more sequels titled Glass Sword, King’s Cage, and War Storm as well as a series of spinoffs. Universal Pictures ad Gennifer Hutchinson previously attempted to adapt the novel into film, with Bank also attached to direct the project. However, it has already been nearly six years since the project’s last update.

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The Red Queen series will be written by Arrow‘s Beth Schwartz, and author Victoria Aveyard, with Schwartz also set as the showrunner. Joining Banks and Handelman as executive producers are Danna Shinder and Aveyard. It will be produced by Universal Television and Warner Bros. Television.

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