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EL DORADO This Year — GeekTyrant

The Premium Gold Rares must have been a hit for Yu-Gi-Oh! fans as Konami recently announced Maximum Gold: El Dorado (name subject to change). I personally really liked the new rarity more than I thought I would and am very excited to get more cards here. Releasing on November 19, this set will feature new cards in the Premium Gold Rare slot as well as 10 cards getting variant artwork!

This will include the alternate art for I:P Masquerena, but Knightmare Unicorn will also be getting a new look. We don’t know too much else other than there will be reprints like the Premium Gold Rare Chamber Dragonmaid as well as new cards including ones that Number fans will want to look out for.

Each box of Maximum Gold: El Dorado will be available for $29.99 and include four packs. Each pack will include seven cards: two Premium Gold Rares and five gold-letter Rares. What cards do you hope get the golden treatment?

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