Edge of the World Trailer Sends Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Dominic Monaghan on an Adventure

The story is based on the life of real adventurer James Brooke.


Jonathan Rhys Meyers will play historical adventurer Sir James Brooke in the upcoming film Edge of the World, which just got a release date along with a trailer. Dominic Monaghan (Lost) also joins the cast, as an English colonel who goes to war against Meyers’ explorer.

The trailer presents us with the accurate misadventures of James Brooke, an English soldier sent to explore the island of Borneo only to be attacked by pirates. Brooke survives with the help of the local people and soon starts living in the region. After preventing the execution of some villagers, he’s crowned a Rajah, the equivalent of a king in the region. Brooke’s feats reward him with the title of Sir back in England, but the explorer refuses the English Crown and decides to stand against the colonization of Borneo — which, of course, ends in war.


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Brooke’s history represents an unusual chapter of English colonization, which resulted in his transformation into a white Rajah from 1841 until his death in 1868. The Raj of Sarawak, the state granted to Brooke by the sultan of Brunei, would last more than a hundred years, with three different generations of the Brooke family ruling it.

In addition to Meyers and Monaghan, Edge of the World also stars Hannah New, Josie Ho, Atiqa Hasiholan, Ralph Ineson, Otto Farant, Samo Rafael, Bront Palarae, Shaheizy Sam, Yusyf Mahardika, Peter John and Kahar Bin Jini. The script is written by Rob Allyn, who also produces, while Michael Haussman helms on directing duties.

Edge of the World will be available on digital and on-demand on June 4. You can check out the trailer, poster and official synopsis below:

“In 1839, Brooke flees Victorian England to explore Borneo. After a pirate attack, Brooke allies with rival princes to seize a rebel fort. To save prisoners from beheading, Brooke agrees to be crowned Rajah. James begs the Royal Navy for a steamship to fight pirates, but the British want his kingdom as a colony. Makota’s pirates massacre Brooke’s capital, leaving James half-dead. To save his people, he must shed Englishness and embrace the jungle: ‘All of it, the beauty and the blood.’”


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