E3 2021 Adds More Companies to Its Roster — GeekTyrant

E3 is almost here and more companies are being added to the roster every week it seems. The latest additions include Razer, Intellivision, Yooreka Studio, Tastemakers (makers of Arcade1UP), NetEase, 24 Entertainment, Norton Gaming, GuliKit, and SK Telecom. Here are my guesses for what each one is bringing to E3 2021.

Razer makes gaming laptops and peripherals but will probably focus on the latter; Intellivision is possibly going to share more about the Amico; GuliKit may have some new accessories for gamers; I know that Tastemakers has some interesting stuff in tow with the Infinity Game Table; NetEase, 24 Entertainment, and Yooreka probably have new games to show off; Norton Gaming will try to convince us all to go with it for anti-virus needs; and I have no idea what SK Telecom is going to share.

Who are you most excited to watch and what are you expecting to see at E3 2021?

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