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Doom Patrol Cast Expands, Adds Five Members of Sisterhood of Dada

Doom Patrol

The cast of HBO Max’s Doom Patrol is getting larger, as five new actors have been announced to take up the roles as the Sisterhood of Dada. 

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Micah Joe Parker, Wynn Everett, Miles Mussenden, Anita Kalathara, and Gina Hiraizumi will be joining the cast of the fan-favorite television series for its upcoming third season. The five actors will all join the series in recurring roles, acting as different members of the Sisterhood of Dada. The villainous group is a spin on the DC comics’ Brotherhood of Dada, a group of supervillains who took their name from the Dadaism art movement and acted just as chaotic as the art movement. 

Parker will play the part of Malcolm, a quiet, sensitive, and thoughtful soul who would rather be invisible than face an unforgiving world. Wynn Everett will play Shelley Byron, also known as The Fog, a charming and seductive character. Mussenden will portray Lloyd Jefferson, aka Frenzy, a sculptor who is said to make strange, life-like masks and is covered in tattoos and scars. To round out the group, Anita Kalathara and Gina Hiraizumi will play Holly McKenzie (Sleepwalk) and Sachiko (The Quin), respectively

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The third season will also see Madalyn Horcher, Ty Tennant and Sebastian Croft make guest appearances.

It’s unclear just how the group will fit into the world of Doom Patrol, but DC’s show has proven to resonate with fans for its entire run, so the odds of them fitting in immediately seems high. 

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