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Dolly Parton Recreated 1978 ‘Playboy’ Cover For Husband’s B-Day

Dolly Parton honored her husband Carl’s birthday on Tuesday (July 20) by slipping into something less comfortable: her iconic look from her 1978 Playboy magazine cover. “Today is July 20th,” Parton said in a video commemorating her husband Carl Dean’s 79th. “It’s my husband Carl’s birthday and you’re probably wondering why I’m dressed like this. Remember some time back I said I was going to pose for Playboy magazine when I was 75? Well, I’m 75 and they don’t have a magazine anymore but my husband always loved the original cover of Playboy, so I was trying to think of something to do to make him happy. He still thinks I’m a hot chick after 57 years — and I’m not going to try to talk him out of that.”

Wearing the iconic Playboy bunny ears, a black bodysuit with long black gloves, a pink bowtie and some mesh across her chest, Parton revealed that she did “a little photoshoot” in the outfit and had a new cover made just for him. “The first one, remember this? I was kind of a little butterball in that one,” she said of her original shoot. “Well, I’m string cheese now. But he’ll probably think I’m cream cheese… I hope.”

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