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Dive Into The Hidden Depths Of Minecraft Dungeons On May 26

minecraft dungeons hidden depths

Developer Mojang has unearthed details about an aquatic expansion coming to Minecraft Dungeons at the end of the month.

The fifth full-sized adventure DLC for Minecraft DungeonsHidden Depths, will introduce a new set of maps to traverse, new weapons and armor to loot, and new skins to apply to your heroes. In the game, a group of heroes has to plumb the depths underneath the dungeons to stop the spread of corrupting forces and underwater sea monsters.

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Alongside the paid DLC, the developers are adding some free levels and enchantments to the base game. There’s also the new concept of Raid Captains, who are challenging new foes lurking in hidden parts of the map. Best this endgame-level opposition to earn new treasures and upgrade your arsenal.

Minecraft Dungeons is available on Xbox Series X and PC as a part of Xbox Game Pass or as a separate purchase. It’s also available on PS5, PS4, and Switch. The game takes the aesthetics of the creation-based franchise into the realm of an action RPG, letting players of all ages slice away at blocky representations of everything from undead ghouls to firebreathing dragons.

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The Hidden Depths DLC will be available on May 26. While no price is listed as of yet, similarly-sized DLCs have cost $5.99 in the past, so you should expect a similar price if you’re preparing a team to take on these underwater threats.

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