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Disney Villains Seek Revenge in THE VILLAINS LAIR Season 2 — GeekTyrant

YouTube channel Pattycake Productions has brought back their popular The Villains Lair for a second season. For those unfamiliar, The Villains Lair follows major Disney villains as they try to get their revenge on the princesses who ruined their plans.

Season one ended with Ursula stealing a powerful artifact that would allow the rest of the villains control time. Their storytelling is very musical, and their casting is really good. The costuming is pretty good and for the most part the makeup is well done, but Jafar’s makeup is really strange looking to me.

The music is catchy, and if you enjoy it, then you should check out the rest of the channel where you can find Disney parody versions of songs like Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” or mini musicals that use songs by one artist.

Overall, the production quality on their videos is top notch and The Villains Lair is perfect October watching. 

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