Dead Space Remake Will Not Have Camera Cuts or Microtransactions

Dead Space 3 disappointed fans for many reasons and one of those reasons was its inclusion use of microtransactions. Electronic Arts was heavily criticized for its reliance of in-game purchases after that as well, but the upcoming Dead Space remake won’t contain any microtransactions as well as any camera cuts.

EA revealed this through an interview with IGN. In it, EA Chief Studios Officer Laura Miele explained that this type of business model is not fit for every game and it’s all about matching the right approach with the right title.

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“We want to make games that deliver the experiences our players are looking for. Sometimes that is a single-player story-focused experience, where players can immerse themselves in another world,” she said. “Other players want us to show up every day with new content and events in our live services like Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, The Sims, Apex [Legends], and FIFA to name a few. We want players to choose an EA game or experience, and that means we need to make the type of games they want to play. Focusing on just one genre or model limits the number of players we can reach.”

It seems like EA is reigning it in and not forcing microtransactions in every one of its games regardless of context. Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, another EA single-player title, also did not have microtransactions and was quite successful. Respawn Entertainment said in June 2021 that over 20 million people have tried the game since releasing in November 2019.

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Dead Space 3‘s microtransactions weren’t originally part of the pitch and seem forced to those on the outside. They allowed players to bypass the need to collect materials necessary to craft weapons, which allowed users to spend real money to buy some help and get stronger weapons.

The game is also strategically dismembering its loading screens and camera cuts, a feature afforded to Motive Studios by the SSDs of the new consoles.

“There’s not going to be any moment where we’re going to cut your experience, where we’re going to cut your camera,” said Creative Direcotr Roman Campos-Oriola. “You can play it from the start screen to the end credits seamlessly.”

The other titles in the series were mostly seamless with only occasional cuts and visible loading screens and were applauded for their immersive qualities. The first Dead Space was divided into specific chapters with a loading screen between each. Dead Space 2 was mostly free of cuts and loads, except for a few scenarios. Dead Space 3 was also relatively seamless, but did contain a few fades here and there. The most recent God of War heavily advertised its no-cut camera so it’s only natural that new games doing the same thing would also make it more visible.

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