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DC’s Polka-Dot Man: 5 Things To Know About The Suicide Squad Member From The Comics

Polka-Dot Man Once Lost Use Of His Polka-Dots After Going Broke

To bring up Two-Face again, you know how Harvey Dent is pretty much a lost, helpless ball of indecision without his coin? The equivalent to that, in essence, would be Polka-Dot Man losing the use of his utility dots, which is exactly what happens in the first issue of Batman: GCPD in 1996.

Out of work for years and penniless, Abner Krill was desperate for a redemptive crime spree, but could not afford to create any more utility polka-dots, forcing him to use a baseball bat to hold up a jewelry store. Out of his peak vexation for costumed criminals, Gotham City detective Harvey Bullock beat the living crap out of Polka-Dot Man instead of arresting him for the robbery. Upon recovery, Krill fell deep into alcoholism, accepting living out his years as a joke within Gotham’s criminal underbelly.

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