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Dark Horse Comics Announces New Dark Horse Games Division — GeekTyrant

Dark Horse Comics recently announced a new gaming and digital division that will be called Dark Horse Games. This new division will have main offices in Oregon and Shanghai with the mission “to create unique experiences — both through close licensing partnerships with the industry’s best game makers and its own in-house, first-party titles — inspired by Dark Horse Comics’ diverse portfolio of over 425 story-driven characters and universes.” This means we’ll be sing a lot of crazy video games in the future. Dark Horse Games is already in discussions with top gaming studios to create AAA licensed titles using the vast library of IP. I imagine that Umbrella Academy and Hellboy are probably at the top of their list. Meanwhile, first-party games will be focused on the less established and older IPs. In addition, the division will produce and release multimedia projects that include anime and webtoons to go along with the first-party games. Talking about expanding, Mike Richardson said:

We’ve spent the past thirty-five years developing a long list of original, fan-favorite IP with many of the best partners in digital entertainment. Now is the perfect time to expand our vision into gaming. Dark Horse Games gives us exciting new ways to engage with fans of all kinds on a multitude of platforms.

Johnny B. Lee added:

Dark Horse Comics sits at the intersection of consumer entertainment, production and publishing. We’re one of the few companies that own IP nimble enough to execute coordinated strategies across multiple platforms, and that’s a huge advantage in gaming and digital.

What do you hope to see from Dark Horse Games?

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