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Last week, Critical Role ended their second campaign with a 7+ hour marathon of an episode. This naturally has left fans wondering what the team is up to and when they can expect a campaign three. I don’t have an answer to the latter, but I do to the former.

Critical Role will be launching a new 8-episode mini campaign called Exandria Unlimited. The series takes place in the world of Exandria 30 years after Vox Machina (the first campaign) and 10 years after Mighty Nein (the second campaign) with brand new canonical stories that “will affect future environments and timelines across Critical Role.”

Within the world of Exandria, there are an unlimited amount of stories to be told — and we have only just begun. Exandria Unlimited is the newest eight episode mini-campaign brought to you by, and existing within the same world as Critical Role. Following a fresh-faced and freshly formed crew of characters, this adventure begins in Emon, a city still recovering from the scars of the Chroma Conclave attack nearly 30 years later. While navigating the usual nuances of learning how to work (and play) together as a team, a burning question whispers in the back of the minds of our mixed bag of adventurers, “What is driving me down this path?”

Something that many fans may not expect is that there’s quite the shake up with the casting for Exandria Unlimited. The campaign will be led by Aabria Iyengar (Dimension 20) as the Game Master with Aimee Carrero (Elena of Avalor), Robbie Daymond (Marvel’s Spider-Man), Ashley Johnson (The Last of Us), Liam O’Brien (Spider-Man) and Matthew Mercer (Overwatch) taking on the roles of the player characters. I think it’s great that Mercer is getting the opportunity to be a player character in this world he’s created.

Exandria Unlimited will premiere on June 24 at 7 PM Pacific on Twitch and YouTube with new episodes every Thursday. Twitch channel subscribers will have access to the VOD immediately while non-subscribers will have to wait until noon Pacific on the following Monday. Sadly, if you like to listen to the show via podcasts, you have to wait a whole week from the original air date.

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