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Colin Farrell’s The North Water Series Gets Release Date on AMC+

This and much more coming this summer to AMC+.


AMC+ has announced release dates for its robust lineup of new series and specials to be released this July, including The North Water with Colin Farrell and the Joe Manganiello movie Archenemy.

The North Water is a five-part drama miniseries that originally aired on BBC Two. The series is based on Ian McGuire‘s bestselling novel of the same name, and stars Farrell as Henry Drax, an amoral killer who embarks on a whaling expedition to the Artic with Patrick Sumner (Jack O’Connell), an ex-army surgeon. The North Water is created, written and directed by Andrew Haigh, best known for his acclaimed indie features 45 Years and Weekend. The miniseries premieres on AMC+ on Thursday, July 15.


Image via AMC

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Archenemy is a superhero film about Max Fist (Manganiello), a man who claims he lost his superpowers after arriving from another world. He teams up with a teenager named Hamster to take down a violent drug syndicate. Originally debuting in theaters late last year, it will stream exclusively on AMC+ for the first time. Also starring in Archenemy is Amy Seimetz, It’s Always Sunny‘s Glenn Howerton and Skylan Brooks. The film will premiere on Thursday, July 1.

AMC+ also acquired The Beast Must Die, a modern retelling of the Nicholas Blake novel of the same name. Starring Cush Gumbo, Jared Harris and Billy Howle, the series focuses on a woman who begins to investigate her son’s fatal hit-and-run after the police fail to do so. She ingratiates herself into the family of the man she suspects killed her son, as she herself is tracked by Nigel Strangeways, a detective who believes her story. The drama series will premiere on July 5.

There is also Ultra City Smiths, a stop-motion animated show that follows an investigation into the disappearance of a famous magnate as the two detectives rally to fight against the city’s corruption at whatever cost. The voice cast is absolutely stacked, featuring Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard, Alia Shawkat, Tim Meadows, Terry O’Quinn, Debra Winger, Luis Guzmán and Tom Waits. Ultra City Smiths premieres on Thursday, July 22.

Finally, AMC is set to release The Walking Dead: Origins as a series of specials focusing on different fan-favorite characters from the long-running show. These specials premiere on Thursday, July 15, ahead of the premiere of Season 11 of The Walking Dead.

The North Water premieres July 15 on AMC+. Check out more first look images below:


Image via AMC+


Image via AMC+


Image via AMC+


Image via AMC+


Image via AMC+

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