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Cobra Kai Season 5 Filming Wraps, Reveals Showrunner

Co-creator and producer of the hit series Cobra Kai, Jon Hurwitz, revealed on Twitter that filming on season 5 has wrapped. The newest season, season 4, is set to hit Netflix on December 31, 2021, so fans have a lot of Cobra Kai in store. The comedy-drama serves as a sequel to the iconic Karate Kid franchise, following the main characters 34 years later.

Cobra Kai first premiered on YouTube in 2018 through their YouTube Red service, and proved to be one of their most successful scripted ventures. After YouTube stopped producing scripted content after the third season had finished production, Cobra Kai found a home on Netflix, where two more seasons were greenlit.

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Cobra Kai flips the script on many modern sequels to classic franchises— instead of following the original protagonist, Daniel (Ralph Macchio), Cobra Kai is from the perspective of The Karate Kid’s original villain Johnny (William Zabka). A down-and-out Johnny, far from the teenager he once was, befriends a neighborhood kid named Miguel (Xolo Maridueña) after using karate to defend him. Johnny agrees to reopen the Cobra Kai dojo to train Miguel, but this ultimately leads to the renewel of his rivalry with Daniel.

Last season saw Johnny and Daniel finally teaming up. Zabka spoke to Collider about this team up, saying that while the two may have the same goal there is still a lot of history between them. Season 4 will also see the return of Thomas Ian Griffith, reprising his role as Terry Silver from the third Karate Kid film. Silver is an old friend of Cobra Kai big bad Kreese, and their backstory together is sure to have a big impact on the upcoming season.

Although there is not much information about season 5 of Cobra Kai, season 4 will be dropping on Netflix on December 31. With season 5 already wrapped, there is sure to be a lot more Cobra Kai to look forward to.

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