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Co-Op Vampire Shooter Redfall Coming From Arkane

Co-Op Vampire Shooter Redfall Coming From Prey Studio

Microsoft started its conference with a small peek into a new exclusive Bethesda game and it also ended its show with an exclusive Bethesda game, too. However, this one was a completely new reveal. Redfall, the newest game from Arkane Austin, is a vampire first-person shooter (that supports up to four-player co-op) set in an open world. It is coming to Xbox Series X/S and PC in summer 2022 and will be available on Game Pass on day one.

The trailer has major Left 4 Dead vibes as it stars a group of four wisecracking humans (and a robot) shooting hordes of enemies. Vampires or the human cultists that worship them can be killed using the game’s unique skills and customizable weaponry, which the trailer hinted at. No real gameplay was shown, but it did show the atmosphere of the title. Co-op is a first for Arkane and Co-Creative Director Ricardo Bare briefly described the process of making different characters that players could choose.

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“We wanted players to have an Arkane experience, but with the option of playing with friends this time,” said Bare. “As a result, we thought going for heroes with strong personalities and distinctive backgrounds would make for a stronger game. We think players are going to enjoy not only the interaction of their various abilities as they fight the vampires, but also seeing their chemistry develop over time as they liberate Redfall.”

Redfall will take place in an open-world version of Redfall, Massachusetts and allow players to choose their path through it. Players can pick any one of the four characters. Layla Ellison is the youngest member, but she is witty and wields telekinetic powers. Jacob Boyer was a military solider and has “a penchant for dark clothing and a mysterious vampiric eye.” He even has a raven patrolling the skies under his command. Remi de la Rosa has a robotic companion, Bribón, and uses her mind and empathy to help people around her, which makes her sound like the medic. And finally Devinder Crousley is an inventor and paranormal investigator.

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These vampires are the typical ones that are allergic to garlic or choose to sleep in coffins. These ones are “greedy” and chose to use science to extend their lives. Bare also talked a little more about Arkane’s specific take on the classic monster.

“Vampires are perennially fun, classical villains, because they’re ripe for every generation to reinvent and experience in a new light,” said Bare. “In our case, Redfall vampires are science-inspired, triggered by biotech longevity experimentation.”

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