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In the world of gaming, there are many platforms you can play on. One that is constantly advertised as the best is PC. There are a lot of points in favor of PCs, but when it comes to gaming, things can get a bit more intimidating. Do you build your own or buy a pre-built? That depends on who you talk to and your own comfort levels. One avenue that more and more people are going to is custom gaming PCs. There are companies like CLX Gaming who will let you design everything about your PC and build it for you. CLX reached out with me and loaned me one of their custom machines and now I’m sharing my experience.

Let’s start with pricing. CLX offers what I find to be decent pricing for custom gaming machines. Yes, it would be cheaper for you to buy all the parts and put it together by yourself. However, with CLX you don’t have to worry about accidentally frying any parts because you’re not grounded, bent pins that ruin your CPU, trying to figure out cable management, etc. Building a computer can be very stressful for some people and for many, the additional labor costs are definitely worth it. I don’t think that CLX is ripping people off.

Now, let’s talk about choosing parts. The CLX interface is really nice. They divide the parts into categories and subcategories that make sense and things are easy to find. The information provided is very barebones, but useful. If you need more, each item has an info button you can click to get more details such as the measurements for a case to make sure it fits in your designated space. There are a lot of options in some categories which can feel intimidating and sometimes overwhelming, but it’s still better than trying to sift through several sites with even more options. I also appreciate that CLX automatically filters out any items incompatible with your system. For instance, if you pick an AMD CPU, you won’t see any motherboards for Intel chips. Overall, it’s a pleasant experience.

Now that you’ve picked out your machine, what happens when you get it? Well, I filmed my unboxing and you can watch it below. Essentially, you’ll receive your custom PC in a well padded and huge wooden crate that looks like it holds the ark of the covenant. Now, in the video, you will hear me talk about specs and even sound a little confused at points. This is because CLX ended up sending me a different machine than what I had asked for and I will address this more later. In the crate, you have another box with the computer neatly packaged. You also receive smaller boxes with all documents and other items like remotes for the lighting that you need. It’s all very well packed.

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