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Christopher Nolan Talked With Netflix, Wants Global Cinema Distribution

Christopher Nolan Netflix

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The world of film distribution is ever-changing, and in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, studios and distributors alike are rethinking ways to handle what was once normal business. In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, Netflix’s Scott Stuber has said director Christopher Nolan has had conversations with Netflix about potentially working together and that global cinema distribution is a sticking point.

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Asked about Netflix’s recent run of being the most-nominated studio when it comes to the Academy Awards, Stuber, who is the Head of Original Films at Netflix, was questioned on whether or not people are still hesitant to make films for the company. Stuber acknowledges that global distribution is still important to many, including the likes of Nolan. 

“I think there are aspects of global distribution in the cinema that are still appealing,” Stuber stated. “Chris Nolan and I have spoken quite a bit…and that’s still something he wants deeply. If we can’t provide that, it will still be an issue for him.”

Stuber went on to say that Netflix is always having conversations to see what they can do, especially with the landscape of films changing constantly. However, he likes how Netflix has handled theatrical releases so far, which typically sees their films in theaters for just one to four weeks.

“I think we have a model that works and we’ve done well with the theaters that have played us. As these things change, we’re all having these conversations to see where it all lands and what the landscape on the other side of all of this is.”

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Nolan is no stranger to fighting for the movie theater industry. Prior to the release of his latest film Tenet, Nolan had hoped that theaters would be open enough for fans to experience the film as he intended it to be. While that didn’t happen fully, it’s clear that Nolan will continue to be a strong advocate for the theater-going experience as a whole. 

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