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The Brand

While others may be able to try different skin care products with ease, those with sensitive skin tend to be confined to a narrow set of choices. Luckily, beauty brands have launched more and more hypoallergenic products. One of these brands is COSRX.

Known for its cult-favorite pimple patches, COSRX packs products with only necessary ingredients and offers solutions to a myriad of skin types and concerns. As I have sensitive skin, I automatically turned my attention to the K-Beauty brand’s Pure Fit Cica line, the upgraded version of its Centella line. It checks off the boxes for those with irritated skin: to soothe, protect and strengthen.

The two lines differ in the amount of centella components used in the formulas. While the Centella line used one to two types of centella in products, the Pure Fit Cica line features seven centella components in its signature ingredient to soothe skin and strengthen the skin barrier. COSRX’s CICA-7 Complex is made of centella asiatica extract, centella asiatica leaf extract, centella asiatica root extract, asiaticoside, asiatic acid, madecassic acid and madecassoside. What a mouthful! Products in the Pure Fit Cica line are also formulated with pinus pinaster bark extract, an antioxidant that protects skin from free radicals and reduces visible signs of aging.

To put these claims to the test, I got my hands on the Pure Fit Cica Serum. Scroll down to find out if it earned its place on my top shelf!

Key Ingredients

  1. CICA-7 Complex: A blend of seven centella ingredients that provides a powerful calming effect for compromised skin.
  2. Pinus Pinaster Bark Extract: Contains potent antioxidants that fend off free radicals.

My Experience


The serum bottle includes a dropper for easy, mess-free application. In the morning, I squeezed two to three drops onto my palms and gently patted the serum onto my face. My skin was immediately enveloped in a cooling sensation as it quickly absorbed the serum. The formula was viscous but left a non-greasy finish. Much to my delight, it’s fragrance-free. However, the serum wasn’t moisturizing enough for my dry skin which felt tight, so I quickly applied lotion and a rich moisturizer to seal in moisture.

Throughout the day, my skin didn’t act out as much as it usually did. On a typical day, I’d have one or two mild hive breakouts on my face, especially on my cheeks.  After putting on this serum and working for nine hours, I left the office, face unscathed.

At night, I showered and washed my face with an oil cleanser as gently as I could.  Face washing is often the prime time for a hive to appear, but I’m happy to report that after using this serum, not a single red spot graced my skin during my skin care regimen. When I do have hives on my face, the serum calms down the throbbing sensation and fades the angry red blotches into pale pink patches that eventually disappear.

Final Verdict

To some extent, my skin felt less inflamed and my hives did subside after using COSRX’s Pure Fit Cica Serum. For those with dry skin, I advise immediately layering your hydrating skin care products after the serum since it leaves more of a refreshing than moisturizing finish. This cica serum doesn’t replace moisturizing serums.

Because of the serum’s viscous yet lightweight texture, it’s suitable for all skin types, including oily and combination skin. It’d also provide soothing benefits to sunburnt and damaged skin. Just make sure to lock in the serum’s benefits with a nice moisturizer at the end of your regimen.

I’ve made space for COSRX’s Pure Fit Cica Serum on my top shelf. I look forward to adding the serum to my empties collection as well!

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