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BTS’ ‘Butter’ Debuts Atop Billboard K-Pop 100

Within just one day of dropping their new release “Butter” on May 21, BTS broke their own record of the ‘Most-Viewed YouTube Music Video in 24 Hours’ while dominating a number of charts including the K-Pop 100, Hot 100 and Billboard’s two other global charts.

This week’s No. 2 is enjoyed by OH MY GIRL with “Dun Dun Dance”, which had successfully made it on top 10 last week at No. 3 before climbing up the chart by one with most TV airplay. Brave Girls’ “Rollin” stepped down to No. 3 after spending a sixth week at No. 1 while their other hit “We Ride” joined the fall from No. 5 to No. 9. IU’s “LILAC” also dropped by two sitting at No. 4 this week with “Celebrity” also down by three at No. 7.

SM Entertainment’s newest girl group ‘aespa’ is on the rise. The new single “Next Level,” a remake of the soundtrack of Hollywood film Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw, blasts in at No. 5 only a week after entering the chart at No. 33.

It took the group only two songs to chart in the top 10 after hitting No. 21 with the debut song “Black Mamba”, which was released last year. “Black Mamba” sits at No. 60, up 16from last week. asepa’s success is not just witnessed by the K-Pop 100. The girls are consistently rising on the Billboard Global 200.. They broke their own record with “Next Level”, which debuted at No. 97 last week and went straight up to No. 65 this week. Their best record on the chart was in last November with “Black Mamba” hitting No. 138.

Heize’s “HAPPEN”, the title track of her seventh album HAPPEN released on May 20, debuts at No. 6. Known for her distinctive vocal talent, the female rapper’s earthy and raspy vocals are once again highlighted in the

new song. Another track from the album “Like the first time” also entered the chart at No. 29 while “You, Clouds, Rain,” which was charted off last July, has re-entered at No. 90 as her new album begins to gain popularity.

The final spot on top 10 is acquired by a new girl group STAYC’s “ASAP,” which debuted at No. 72 on the chart dated April 24 and has consistently worked its way up for the past five weeks, finally nestling in at No. 9 last week. Although it’s down by one this week, they are still managing to stay on top 10.

The Billboard K-Pop 100 measures multi-metric consumption including streaming, digital sales, radio and television data to present the most popular K-Pop songs in South Korea every week.

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