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British Airways launching new route to Nuremberg

British Airways is introducing a new destination to its Heathrow short-haul network, Nuremberg, in Bavaria.

Flights to the city will initially operate four times a week from March 27.

The schedule will then increase to six flights per week from 1 May 2022 and four times a week over the winter months.

The airline has conveniently timed winter flights so that customers can connect to and from other destinations across British Airways’ route network, including services to the US.

Nuremberg is Bavaria’s second largest city after Munich, and is well known for its cultural landmarks, as well the vibrant Christmas markets during the festive season.

Neil Chernoff, British Airways’ Director of Networks and Alliances said: “After over 20 months of travel restrictions we know our customers are looking for new and exciting places to visit, so the addition of this route to our short-haul network ahead of the summer season is perfect timing.

British Airways’ return flights to Nuremberg will start from £69 in Euro Traveller and £202 in Club Europe.

Last month, British Airways CityFlyer also announced new short-haul routes from London City to Luxembourg, Barcelona, Guernsey, Jersey, Milan and Thessaloniki operating from March 2022.

The airline has also relaunched new gateways to the US, through the Atlantic Joint Business, such as London to Portland and Barcelona to Los Angeles.

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