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Bring Cosmic Horrors to Your DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Campaigns with TALES FROM THE WORLD’S END — GeekTyrant

Tales from the World’s End is a new, unofficial Dungeons & Dragons supplement from Bobby Ellis, Hiten Dave, James Dodds, Kathleen Harrington, Logan Smith, Lucas Zellers, Miłosz Gawęcki, Nikolas Totief, Saga Mackenzie, and Vall Syrene that brings many of the horrors and themes from Lovecraftian tales to the popular tabletop roleplaying game.

This means that you can expect plenty of cosmic and otherworldly threats to haunt your party. Inside the supplement, you’ll find 16 encounters that can be used as one-shots or even be splashed into your existing campaigns as side quests.

Throughout the supplement, you’ll find obscure letters that are parts of a correspondence between two individuals and it adds some very nice flavor. I also really love that at the very top of each encounter it clearly displays any content warnings, the suggested level for the encounter, and other basic information to help you find ones to fit your needs.

Read the correspondence between the Librarian and the Peddler, the individuals affected by the incomprehensible powers that lurk in the depths of the ocean and in the darkness behind the bright stars. Listen to their tales of cosmic horror whether you heed their warnings or follow in their footsteps.

You can purchase Tales from the World’s End from DMs Guild (affiliate link) for $9.95.

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