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Black Widow Tops Weekend Box Office With Stunning $80 Million

Movies are making a comeback in theaters both globally and across the US

The unfortunate but necessary closures and restrictions imposed on movie theaters during 2020 were devastating for the entertainment industry. But now that restrictions are being lifted and businesses are starting to open up, the classic movie theater experience is beginning to make a comeback. Over this past weekend, the premiere of Marvel’s Black Widow was the standout winner, raking in over $80 million from theater ticket sales alone. So far, its weekend debut has blown other hits like Godzilla vs Kong, Mortal Kombat, and even powerhouse action franchises like F9 out of the water.

Following Black Widow in a distant second, F9 is still raking in some cash with Just under $11 million from domestic ticket sales over the weekend. Total sales since the movie’s release three weeks ago are hovering right around $141 million for North America, and over three times that worldwide. So far, it has earned almost $542 million internationally in just under a month. Considering Black Widow’s opening weekend has raked in a grand total of $215 million so far, it has plenty of time to catch up and break more records against tough competitors like F9.


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Third place for this weekend’s box office report goes to the family-friendly flick Boss Baby: Family Business, which made $8.7 million in sales, dominating over fourth place thriller/horror movie The Forever Purge at $6.7 million. Both movies were released over the Independence Day weekend and have earned a profit hovering in the low eight figures. In fifth place was another scary movie – A Quiet Place Part II – which adds another $3 million to its $150 million domestic total. Apparently, people still can’t get enough of this unique niche horror narrative.

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