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Beastars Announces Third Season Will Be Its Last With New Logo

No word yet on when we will see the third and final season.

Image via Netflix

Studio Orange revealed on Twitter the new logo for the popular anime series Beastars‘ third season, and also announced that the newest season would be the last for the series.

Beastars is based on the manga of the same name created by Paru Itagaki. Set in a modern civilization populated with anthropomorphic animals, the show and manga focus on a group of teenage students as they attempt to solve a heinous murder that takes place on their school campus. The world of Beastars is split between carnivores and herbivores, whose fragile coexistence is put into jeopardy.

The anime debuted weekly in Japan on Netflix Japan and Fuji TV’s +Ultra in October 2019 and would later premiere in the U.S. on Netflix in March of 2020. Following the first season run in Japan, the show was quickly renewed for a second season.

Image via Netflix

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The series rose to popularity among international audiences, and was nominated for an Ursa Major Award for Best Dramatic Series. Beastars Season Two debuted in the U.S. on July 15th of this year along with a quick third season renewal. The manga ended its run in October of 2020 after 22 volumes.

No details have been released regarding the number of episodes for the season, which some fans hope will be more than the usual 12 that the first two seasons contained. In reaction to the announcement, many fans took to Twitter to express concern over potential storylines being cut for timing. “There must be many questions,” Studio Orange announced in their statement, “But this is all we can reveal at the time.”


All 24 episodes of Beastars’ first two seasons are currently streaming on Netflix. No word yet on when we can expect to see season three of Beastars. Check out the new Season Three logo and statement from Studio Orange below.

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