Aya Cash Shares the “Craziest” Story from the Set

In a film with so many wild and unforgettable set pieces, the possibilities seem endless!

Aya Cash joined us for an episode of Collider Ladies Night in celebration of her latest release, We Broke Up, which is now playing in theaters and will be available on digital on April 23rd. We already shared the chunk of the conversation that focused on one of Cash’s biggest gigs yet, playing Stormfront in Season 2 of The Boys. Now it’s time to highlight a very well known title on Cash’s filmography, but perhaps it’s one that you didn’t realize she was in – The Wolf of Wall Street.

A little less than a year before the debut of the hit series You’re the Worst, Cash appeared in the Martin Scorsese movie as Janet, Jordan Belfort’s (Leonard DiCaprio) assistant. Is it the biggest role in the film? Far from it! But there’s no denying that whenever the script calls for it, Cash manages to command the screen in those office scenes alongside heavyweights like DiCaprio and Jonah Hill.

Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street
Image via Paramount Pictures

After a conversation about the Hollywood hierarchy and responsibly that comes with being high up on the call sheet, I opted to ask Cash about her experience watching DiCaprio, one of the biggest stars out there, operate on the set of The Wolf of Wall Street, a significant production that requires him to take it to an 11 in almost every scene. Here’s what she said:

“I think he’s the most impressive actor I’ve ever worked with – that’s not true. I’ve worked with great actors! Leonard DiCaprio is a movie star, right? We have very low expectations for how a movie star is going to behave, prepare. He’s an actor. He comes incredibly prepared, he knows everyone’s name, he’s kind, he’s professional and it really blew me away because you wash these people with the same brush, right? Because it’s like, ‘Famous movie stars!’ Or, ‘He’s dating so and so!’ The nonsense that we sort of put out about people. He’s really spectacular.”

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jon Favreau and Rob Reiner in The Wolf of Wall Street
Image via Paramount

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Cash didn’t stop there. She also took a moment to highlight a fond memory of being on set with Jon Favreau who played SEC attorney Manny Raskin.

“I remember standing next to Jon Favreau who was there for a couple days, and he was just standing next to me and he was like, ‘Isn’t this amazing?’ He was just as in awe as I was. He was just so excited to be there and he was like, ‘You have no idea how Marty Scorsese’s movies, what they’ve meant to me. This is amazing that I’m here.’ And I was like, ‘That’s great.’ I want to always feel like that.”

Given the movie is loaded with obscene office antics, there was no closing out the Wolf of Wall Street portion of our Ladies Night conversation without asking Cash for the craziest scene of the film to shoot. She began:

“I can tell a story about a scene that I’m not in actually. [Laughs] The craziest for me was the animals. When the animals showed up and you realized they’re getting paid more than you are, it’s a little insane.”

Jonah Hill in The Wolf of Wall Street
Image via Paramount

As for that story about a scene she’s not in, it’s a doozy and here it is:

“The craziest story I heard – and I won’t say who the actor is – but there’s a certain scene where they’re in an orgy and they had hired actors and non-actors wanting people to be comfortable with their bodies because there’s a lot of nudity, and there was some confusion about what was real and what was not. And this actor had to say to his scene partner, ‘Please stop licking my balls. It’s fake.’ [Laughs]”

Wolf of Wall Street is only one title on Cash’s mighty impressive, growing resume. Come back tomorrow for her full Collider Ladies Night interview covering The Boys, You’re the Worst, We Broke Up and so much more!

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