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Avengers Stream Shows Off Alternate Spider-Man Outfits

Crystal Dynamics finally showed Spider-Man in action in yesterday’s trailer for the Avengers game. And now the team has revealed a few of Spider-Man’s alternate skins that will also sit alongside the one from the trailer.

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The first one that kicked off the livestream was just an in-depth look at the classic red and blue suit. Community Manager Andy Wong said the material was more sturdy to “[fit] more into the Marvel’s Avengers universe,” likening the fabric to shark skin. The team also took inspiration from comic artist John Romita Sr.’s Spider-Man with the bigger bezels around the eyes. He said the spider logo on the chest also had haptic feedback so his “Spidey-Sense can be enhanced” but it’s not clear what this means and if this relates to the haptic feedback on the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller.

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Avengers Stream Shows Off Spider-Man Outfits

Crystal Dynamics also showed the classic outfit; Steve Ditko’s recognizable design. It features “heavy duty, hand crafted” materials. It’s basic, but likely what a lot of fans want to see.

Avengers Stream Shows Off Spider-Man Outfits

The Spider-Armor MK I from 1993 was the third costume. It’s a reflective skin, but the team didn’t speak about ray tracing because the game doesn’t support it.

Avengers Stream Shows Off Spider-Man Outfits

The Spider-Armor MK III from 2012 followed thereafter. It is also called the “Ends of the Earth suit.” Wong said it was a highly requested skin.

Avengers Stream Shows Off Spider-Man Outfits

Spider-Man’s casual attire is yet another costume and puts the hero in his everyday clothes, except for the mask. It’s called “Bugle Boy,” which is fitting since he has his camera on his hip. It meshes Spider-Man and Peter Parker.

Avengers Stream Shows Off Spider-Man Outfits

The Noir outfit was the final reveal from the stream. It’s got a cape-like trench coat, which Wong said looked great as Spider-Man swings around.

The stream also dug into the previously announced Klaw Raid that is full of red, corrupted vibranium along with discussing various other changes coming to the game. There was no Spider-Man gameplay as Crystal Dynamics is waiting for the Spider-Man-focused War Table stream on November 29, the day before his release on PS4 and PS5, to reveal what his abilities are. The voice actor for this version of Spider-Man will also be revealed next week.

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