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ATOL consultation gathers more than 300 responses

Published on Thursday, August 19, 2021

In an update to the ATOL reform consultation process, the UK Civil Aviation Authority says there have been more than 300 responses so far.

There has been ‘high levels of constructive engagement’ from a wide range of stakeholders.

This includes consumer organisations, financial institutions and travel trade groups.

The UK Civil Aviation Authority reports that over 300 respondents have contributed to the ATOL reform consultation.

Engagement from stakeholders allows the Civil Aviation Authority to better understand any concerns when shaping changes to the ATOL scheme.

The Civil Aviation Authority will take full account of the need for the industry to adjust to any new arrangements that may be implemented following the overall consultation process.

The consultation primarily looked at how ATOL can protect consumers, with a focus on how ATOL holders fund their operations and how the use of customers’ monies should be considered within the regulatory scheme.

 “While the ATOL scheme exists to protect consumers, we do appreciate the travel industry has faced a period of significant financial uncertainty and it has been highly valuable to listen to their views and take on board any concerns, said Matt Buffey, Head of ATOL Regulation and Governance at the CAA

“The Civil Aviation Authority will now consider these responses and a summary will be published in autumn 2021.”

A second consultation will take place focused on specific proposals in spring 2022.


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