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Arca Announces New Album KICK ii, Shares Video for New Song with Sia: Watch

Arca has shared a new song with Sia and announced the follow-up to last year’s KiCk i. Her latest single, “Born Yesterday,” appears on her next album KICK ii. The record is out December 3, via XL, and is the second in a four-part series. Watch the “Born Yesterday” music video and view the album art by Frederik Heyman with the rest of the tracklist below.

Arca released a new single titled “Incendio” in September, but the track doesn’t appear on KICK ii. After sharing a hundred AI remixes of KiCk i’s “Riquiquí” and a four-piece project titled Madre, she remixedRain on Me” for the update of Lady Gaga’s Chromatica.

Read last year’s interview “Live From Quarantine, It’s the Arca Show.”

KICK ii:

01 Doña
02 Prada
03 Rakata
04 Tiro
05 Luna Llena
06 Lethargy
07 Araña
08 Femme
09 Muñecas
10 Confianza
11 Born Yesterday [ft. Sia]12 Andro

Artwork by Frederik Heyman

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