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Hasbro was kind enough recently to send me an assortment of Power Rangers toys to check out. This included Retro Morph figures, Lightning Collection figures, the Dino Fury morpher, and more. All of the items are available through Hasbro Pulse and your favorite retailers. I’ve taken some time with some of the toys and it’s been a blast. The morpher is a lot of fun, especially for my daughter. She loves hearing the different sounds and spinning the jaw into the helmet. It’s a fantastic toy and even comes with batteries pre-installed!

Lightning Collection figures are still good quality. I do wish that they paid a bit more attention to detail with their paint jobs. For example, why does the Quasar Saber with Lost Galaxy Red have a gold blade? Is it supposed to be the sheath? Some different detailing would’ve been nice then. It’s small things like that.

The Battle Attackers 2-packs are also a lot of fun to play with, although it’s a little annoying at how hard it can be to get the Rangers to knock villains over with their kicks. These and the more standard Dino Fury figures are still excellent toys for kids though.

Finally, the Retro Morph figures. These take me back. When I was a kid, I got a Pink Ranger one and loved it. It was the only official Power Rangers toy I had and it was cherished even though I was a little mad it wasn’t the Red Ranger. These have the same spirit as those old ones, but have been redesigned. They are much broader than the old figures and I’m not really sure why.

Overall, if you’re a fan of Power Rangers, we’re living in a great time. The toys are fun. I cannot wait to check out the toys for the Dino Fury Zords though. Those looked really cool! You can watch me play around with some of the toys in the video below.

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