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Adam Savage Shows Off His Beskar Spear Prop Replica From THE MANDALORIAN — GeekTyrant

We’ve got a new video from Tested for you to watch today that features Adam Savage showing off his Beskar Spear prop replica from The Mandalorian. The spear was introduced in the second season and it’s a weapon that can be used to fight against a lightsaber with.

Adam has long been a collector of swords, but he may have to start a spear collection in the cave with the arrival of this beautiful Beskar Spear replica from the propmakers at JJ Industries. It’s another piece of Adam’s upcoming Mandalorian cosplay, and he examines and assembles this spear in today’s show and tell!

As you’ll see, the Beskar Spear prop replica is pretty damn cool and made with beautiful craftsmanship. It’s fun to watch Adam Savage completely geek out over this as he unboxes it and puts it together.

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