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“A Testament to My Resiliency”: Blunts & Blondes On His Debut Album and Cannabis’ Impact On His Life –

Today, Blunts & Blondes released his debut album Story of a Stoner—and fittingly on 4/20, the de facto national holiday dedicated to stoners.

“I just hope people accept it,” the electronic music star tells “I hope people like it. It’s not just EDM, it’s not just rave music. So I hope people take it for what it is and listen to it.”

One of the most genuine cuts from the 13-track album is the confessional “4:30,” a languid tune featuring Cotis, who croons, “I just smoke all my days away. I don’t feel nothing, yeah. I just smoke all my pain away.” The song’s aching lyrics provide fans a glimpse into life following a breakup as its protagonist searches for redemption from someone they presumably hurt. Taking the lack of response to heart, they resort to smoking to relieve their heartache.

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