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Next comes my favorite section of the book which is talking about how The Simpsons are able to predict everything. They cover everything from the crazy theory that the writers and creator Matt Groening are part of a secret society, to how smart the writers room for the show really is. You’ll have to get the book to read about the truth behind their predictions, but suffice to say it is actually really believable and a little anticlimactic but strangely satisfying too. It’s a really good and thoughtful discussion about the topic and I really enjoyed reading segments of their interview with Bill Oakley and the amount of insight he was able to add to the topic. 

The last section of chapters are dedicated to the fan theories about the show, such as where Springfield really is and Bart is a telepath. This is another fun section as they take a deep dive into the episodes to find evidence for and against each theory. Not being immersed in The Simpsons fandom, I wasn’t familiar with all these theories and it was really cool to be able to read what people think about the various aspects of the show.

Overall, this book is a really fun, easy read. If you enjoy The Simpsons then I think you’ll really enjoy reading all about the crazy theories surrounding it, and maybe find the true secret for yourself. I give the book a 9/10.

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