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7 Ways to Sell Used Tires for Cash

We can’t stress enough when we say that transportation is a necessity. It is an essential need. From individuals to big companies, you need to travel on wheels to reach your destination.

Since automobiles play such an essential role in everyday life, a vast market is open for used and affordable car parts. 

One such car part is the tires. Yes. Your tires can bring you some good cash. Also, recycling the used tires contributes to the environment.

But selling used tires isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. So, this post will help you get ahead with the idea of earning some extra cash by selling your used tires. Read on to learn seven ways to sell used tires for cash.

7 Ways to Sell Used Tires for Cash

Acing the Tire Disposal Business

When you are sound with knowledge of the automobile industry, you must hear many stories related to used car parts. As far as used tires are concerned, most repair shops deal with disposing of the accumulated old used tires. 

Disposing of the old tires would need them to invest in the fuel to carry the tire back and forth and pay the tire disposal fees. “It’s a lot,” is what you would hear from such shops!

That is where you can be the hero. If you are not much into it, you can be the tire hauling services these repair shops need. This way, you become their go-to tire removing service. 

However, it is important that you charge a reasonable amount if you want a profit. And why won’t you be? After all, it would be your business! You will also have to make up for the disposal fees of the local landfills. Thus, if you plan up a bit, you’ll be good to go with the used tire disposal business.

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Tire Selling Sites

Well, the tire business is not new. So, there are forums already making the most of it. You can upload some pictures and details about your tires on specialty sites such as Sell My Tires and many more in the field. 

While the buyers on these sites will get their hands on affordable and usable tires, you’d be earning some extra cash. You see, it’s a real win-win scenario!

Here’s an idea: list your used tires on as many platforms as possible. That would increase your chances of making a sale. That, too, at the best deal!

Retread Facilities

Now for this option, you would have first to consider the condition of your used tires. If you find that they’re high-quality tires which, when repaired, would bring a reasonable price, you can consider turning them to retread facilities.

Retread facilities like Corporate Truck Tires or Tire Management Inc. will get them from you, and you’ll earn yourself a good profit out of it. However, you should know that earning is not as guaranteed when dealing with these retreading facilities.

That is because most of these companies are in search of specific types of tires. But, if you have tires that they’re looking for, you’d make an average earning of $40 per tire, which is a good profit if you’d acquire them at lower prices from others.

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Local Tire Shops

Locals often prefer to go local! That’s kind of a thing. It’s more of a traditional way. So, if you belong to such categories, you might want to take a stroll around to find local tire stores.

You have a high chance of making a sale out of your used tires to these local shops. The tires would not be worn out completely and will be left with good tread life. 

However, these shops would look out for making a profit. Therefore, you may not be earning much from this sale by selling your tires yourself to private buyers. But you still earn more than you may have had before.

Recycling – One of the Best Options

You had already decided to recycle your used tire when you opted to make a profit from it. So why not do it better? Some people get only the tires while receiving used tires. But others receive a rim along with it.

You can recycle the aluminum of the rims of the used tires. You can also earn yourself a small profit out of the different parts of the tires. 

If your tires are still intact with their rims and buyers aren’t particular with buying tires with rims, you can negotiate a deal with stores that would pay you for the aluminum of your used tires.

Used Tires for Art

Are you into art? Let’s assume that you are because that will reap you benefits while earning you profits from your used tires. You can repurpose these tires and turn them into beautiful handmade art and craft. There are limitless options that you can apply to this option.

You can look for online or local retailers who’d appreciate your work and would buy them. It can simply be lawn art, a tire swing for children, or a tub ring for garden flowers. 

Retread, Repair, and Flip

You just came across one option of retreading your tires. But here’s an addiction, you can retread, repair, and flip your tires. Doing so reaps you the benefits of making a greater sale with better profit by attracting more interested buyers.

For this one, you’d require some tools and knowledge about the same. So, before you go ahead with tackling a project on your own, don’t forget to do your research about retreading tires and the costs incurred to do the same.

Final Thoughts

Recycling old tires by dealing with local stores or creating artwork out of them will let you contribute to making the planet green. 

So, what are you planning to do with your used tires?

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