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4 Best Debit Cards for Kids: It’s Time, Mom and Dad!

Over the past few years, more and more parents are trying to make their kids financially responsible. It is crucial to teach kids the necessities of money management.

What is the best way to do that? Use debit cards! These cards can be great tools to educate kids about financial decisions.

The best part is they get to live real-time experiences about transactions, checking accounts, and using cards. Get your child a debit card today! 

Now that you are interested in using a debit card to oversee your child’s money management, let’s see the four best debit cards for kids.

4 Best Debit Cards for Kids: It's Time, Mom and Dad!

Top Debit Cards for Your Children


Greenlight is a top choice for parents trying to teach good money habits to their kids. This debit card has way too many good features! Yes, you heard us right.


These unique features include, firstly, no minimum age of usage. That is a given since your child will be underage! Another fab part is that no minimum balance is required either.

Once you’re using Greenlight, you can happily say goodbye to overdraft fees. How great is that? It also has available debit cards that can be taken for five kids tops.

Greenlight also boasts of a chore management system! Alongside, you have the auto-transfer of funds! You can even pick some auto features to pay your kid’s interest!


The only con is that they will charge a fee after a month of using Greenlight. This fee stands at $4.99 per month. Apart from this, we 10/10 recommend Greenlight for you!

Famzoo Prepaid Debit Card

Another great option for a virtual family bank would be FamZoo, hands down! The main purpose of this debit card is to promote a private banking experience within the household. You can also teach your child the value of money and hard work in life!

You can use paychecks or bank transfers to deposit money directly. You can also promote allowance, chore payments as well as reward your kids for house help! You can easily split payments, and your children can forward you money requests.

The additional fees are for various reasons, such as reloading the account with MasterCard repower and Green Dot or requesting for a new card post the four free cards.

You will need to pay additional fees for card replacement after two free replacements. Express card delivery would also cause you some costs to bear.


FamZoo is a top favorite for being super generous. You only need to give a small monthly fee; otherwise, there are no additional costs.

Another superb feature is the parental alerts! You can very quickly set alerts for activities through this debit card — for example, new alerts for purchases, donations, declines or transactions, etc.

The top benefits include acceptance of the FamZoo card wherever the master card is accepted. All the children in your family can have separate accounts conveniently. 


The limits of this card include that you can’t exceed the balance of $5000 per day. As a user, you get 99 reloads in a day. The only condition is that you shouldn’t exceed any reload more than $2500. 

Chime Visa Debit Card

Chime is a huge financial technology. It is backed by Bancorp and FDIC for an online-only platform to keep without any additional charges. Chime is an excellent fit for working teens and the ones with a regular cash flow. 

You can consider a Chime Visa Debit card as a post- greenlight, FamZoo enterprise. It is the debit card you give to an older teen who supposedly doesn’t need any parental control over their spending or even their account, for that matter.

It is the top debit card for teens to be financially independent and have a feeling of responsibility. 


Additionally, there are no monthly fees. The card is accepted wherever Visa cards are accepted. Another cool thing is that teens can even receive their paychecks sent to their account along with a two-day early deposit feature. 

Chime also offers a SpotMe feature. It is for kids with more than $500 in direct deposits per month. SpotMe promises to cover about $20 to $200 overdrafts. That being said, there are no additional fees or penalties for this feature.

Using Chime, you get your negative balance covered. If you can’t qualify for the SpotMe feature, you can not utilize the overdraft. 


Chime has some limits as well. The user can initiate and send a maximum of $200 a day and about $1000 per month.

Movo Virtual Prepaid Visa Card

Movo Virtual Prepaid Visa card boasts better fraud protection than any other debit card on the market. These cards come with additional security features.

But how does that help? Parents can stop worrying about their child’s online shopping and whatever he pays for! The child should be 18 plus and a US resident to avail of this card.

This card allows users to create multiple-disposable virtual cards to link to the main one easily. You can use Movo Virtual Prepaid Visa cards wherever Visa cards are allowed.

The daily limits are pretty decent as well, Up to $ 10,000 of maximum balance along with $ 500 ATM withdrawals and $1000 cash withdrawals. You can make up to$ 4000 in purchases and $5000 in deposits.


The top plus point for Movo Virtual Prepaid Visa Card is the disposable virtual card number system. Along with that, the free person-to-person transfer is also a great feature for users.

You can also use the physical prepaid card, which is readily available.


The only apparent con seems to be the fact that users will require third-party applications to deposit checks.

Wrap Up

We wish that this article was of some assistance to those parents who want to teach their child some money management. As for others, this list will also be helpful if you’re a child themselves and want to find a good debit card.

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