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10 Favorite Plant-Based Christmas Entrees

These 10 Favorite Plant-Based Christmas Entrees come straight from the heart—and kitchen–featuring tried and true classic, satisfying, savory menu ideas perfect for the holiday table.

The holiday season is officially upon us! Snow is falling in the mountains, silver bells are ringing, and presents are appearing under the tree. One of my favorite holiday traditions is the Christmas dinner. I just love gathering around the table with my loved ones to share the year’s memories, sing carols, and most importantly, enjoy delicious plant-based food. From savory pies to wonderfully hearty pasta dishes, the plant-based possibilities are endless! No need to feel overwhelmed, though—I’ve gathered up a collection of my own favorite plant-based (vegan) Christmas entrees so you can navigate your holiday dinners without stress. These are tried and true recipes I’ve featured at my own holiday table year after year.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday, and enjoy these 10 Favorite Plant-Based Christmas Entrees, from my kitchen to yours.

10 Favorite Plant-Based Christmas Entrees

Mini Curried Lentil Wellingtons

You’re sure to make your holiday dinner a memorable one with these elegant yet simple-to-make puff pastry Wellingtons. Filled with a delicious mixture of vegetables and spices, these festive little entrees are a great way to elevate any Christmas dinner.

Quinoa Risotto with Kale and Pistachios

This beautiful holiday-themed dish is a tasty way to add some vibrancy to your holiday table. It’s packed with plant protein, fiber, and nutrients, with unique and elegant ingredients that’ll wow any guest.

Balsamic Butternut Squash and Brussels Sprouts with Farro

There’s not much better than a heaping dish of roasted vegetables and savory grains, especially when combined with balsamic and garlic in this classic winter dish. The bright colors of the butternut squash compliment the earthy tones of the brussels sprouts and farro, making this dish pleasing to the eye on top of being a nutrient-packed superstar.

Green Bean Mushroom Pot Pies with Mashed Potatoes

Who doesn’t love a pot pie? I know on some cold nights there’s nothing I want more than a warm, savory meal, and this green bean and mushroom pot pie hits the spot. Full of delicious seasonings and healthful vegetables, these mini pot pies are sure to be a satisfying addition to your Christmas dinner.

Golden Beet Balls

These Golden Beet Balls are a pop of color and flavor in a white winter wonderland. Filled with mushrooms, garlic, beans, hazelnuts, and delicious spices, these savory veggie balls are the perfect addition to your holiday meal. Serve them with dip, add them to a pasta dish, or simply enjoy them as the star of their own show!

Savory Mushroom Loaf

This hearty and healthful Savory Mushroom Loaf is rich with flavor and nutrients, combining onions, garlic, celery, and a heap of herbs to make a dish your guests won’t forget! Served with a simple onion gravy, this mushroom loaf is sure to be a hit at the holiday table.

Herbed Lentil Patties

With the cold weather settling in, you’re sure to enjoy these filling Herbed Lentil Patties with Mushroom Sauce. Not only are they super simple to whip up, but they’re also full of protein and fiber. The creamy mushroom sauce is a perfect way to finish off these golden-brown lentil patties for a hearty and satisfying holiday entrée.

Swiss Chard Pecan Lasagna

Who else loves lasagna for the holidays? This dish is packed full of nutrients from the layers of Swiss chard, tomato sauce, nuts, and plant-based cheese. It has an impressive 9 grams of fiber per serving, making it not only a tasty and vibrant addition to your table but also a great way to increase your fiber intake.

Savory Vegan Lentil Mushroom Pie with Sage Pastry

For our last recipe, I’m going for a fan favorite. Nothing can compare to a nice thick slice of this hearty Lentil Mushroom Pie. You might expect it to be labor-intensive to make, and yet this recipe is super-simple and leaves you with a visually impressive and delicious result! As a bonus, have the kids of the family help you out with the pie dough design and truly make this holiday one to remember.

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